Beach Blitz (October 8-9, Huntington Beach, CA)


I4 Robotics competed in the preseason Beach Blitz competition held at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, CA. We ranked 8th out of 28 teams and moved up to 7th place during alliance selection. Thank you to our sponsors and mentors who helped get us here. This is only the beginning; stay tuned for more updates as we prepare for this year's FRC season!

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Long Beach Regional (March 10-12, 2016)

Over the weekend, the I4 Robotics Team competed at the Los Angeles Regional in Long Beach. We ranked 10th out of 66 teams, and due to the process of alliance selection, was moved up to 8th place where we were given the honor of selecting our own alliance for the elimination matches. As a rookie team, we are extremely grateful to have had this wonderful opportunity and are expecting great things to happen to us in the future. Thank you so much for all the support throughout the season and we hope to see you at the Orange County Regional in Placentia at Valencia High School on March 31-April 2.


Team Pictures

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IMG 3496  IMG 3478  IMG 3450  IMG 3492  IMG 3457  

IMG 3498    IMG 3504    IMG 3470       

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IMGP5121     IMG 3620    IMGP1704    IMGP1703 








Sub-Team Updates

We are currently coming to an end of our preseason and are preparing our team for this year's FIRST Robotics season. 

Mentor Us

i4 Robotics is extremely lucky to have each and every one of our mentors. Our mentors consistently provide us with expertise, information, and assistance at every step of the way and without such dedicated mentors, i4 Robotics would not exist.

We would be honored to recognize your participation in our teams success here on our website. Looking forward to being mentored by YOU!

Sponsor Us

i4 Robotics is thankful for every single donation that comes our way. Because of our sponsors, we are able to purchase parts, tools, and anything else we could possibly need.

Much like our mentors, without the support of our sponsors, i4 Robotics would never be able to operate at the level and capacity we strive to.

Please feel free to contact i4 Robotics with any questions regarding our current sponsors or if you would like to request a presentation by our mentors regarding our program.

If you would like to sponsor our team, contact us!

We would love to feature your logo on our site.

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Electrical Leadership

Team Leader: Christian Diaz

 Junior Lead: Kimberly Morales